Florida Timeshare Disputes, Foreclosures and Transfers

Issues with your timeshare?

Florida is a well known tourist destination and the timeshare industry is well represented here. While there are many legitimate operators and people who happily enjoy their property, there are others who feel they have been aggrieved, lied to, tricked and pressured into making the purchase.

Most of the time, the situations where consumers and clients need assistance can be broken down into a few distinct categories:

  • Timeshare Disputes – This involves situations where someone feels someone has been taken advantage of, harassed, misled or coerced into purchasing the property when they did not want to. Services included in this category are timeshare cancellation, timeshare rescission, timeshare foreclosures and timeshare modification.
  • Purchasing Timeshares or Transferring a Timeshare – Sometimes the paperwork involved in the purchase or transfer of a property can be daunting. The services we provide related to the purchase or transfer of the property includes contract review so that the purchaser understands their rights and obligations under the contract, and the drafting/recording of the required paperwork to effect your transfer.
  • Timeshare Probate (Ancillary Probate) – A sizeable percentage of timeshare owners are residents of other states with their only Florida property being  a timeshare. If a friend or loved one passes away in another state owning a Florida timeshare, an ancillary probate proceeding will be necessary to pass title in the property to a beneficiary or heir. There are a few different options for doing this depending on the nature of the estate and the domiciliary proceedings in the deceased’s state of residency. The choice of proceedings has different costs and timelines amongst other differences.

If you have questions related to any of the above issues, contact us at 321-765-9109 or email us at john@liveoaklawfirm.com. We would be happy to  discuss your objectives and options for resolving your issue.